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README.Solaris: additional notes about this package.

src/: Sources for building binary packages. Useful if you'd like to make some minor changes to the Solaris packages, or if a build for your specific platform is lacking.

Thanks to Wietse Venema, since late October 2003, links to this page.

Another solaris postfix package (likely from a more up-to-date postfix) is available from The one from blastwave likely installs in /opt/csw/. The UvT package from this site uses /usr/local/ . I've asked for adding the blastwave package to the list on the Postfix packages page, 2005-03-01.

Beware!. There's a known bug in postfix-2.0.16_3-sol*-sun*-local.gz! Prior to installing the package, you'll have to do

 # test -d /usr/local/bin || mkdir -p /usr/local/bin

. If you know how to fix this, please let me know. Tnx to Aaron Quin for reporting this.

-- JvB, 2005-08-15