Welcome to the webserver at abramowitz.uvt.nl, Joost van Baal's vhost at the Tilburg University.

Some information about Joost at Tilburg University is available from UvT Experts & Expertise.

Joost runs a public website at http://mdcc.cx/.

Packages for Debian, Red Hat and Solaris for various Free Software projects, prepared by UvT Unix system administrators, are available from http://www.non-gnu.uvt.nl/. The SURFnet Secure List Server PGP-enhanced GNU Mailman is there too.

A webserver, accessible from the Tilburg University network only, is at http://abramowitz.uvt.nl:8080/. If you're in UvT IP space, you might be interested: the non-public site offers notes for system administrators about Debian GNU/Linux, Red Hat Linux and Solaris, and some other Unix notes as well.



This site is now available via httpS.


Fixed some of the broken links on this page. Thanks to all people who've reported those over the years.


Announced workshop: Debian packaging using Subversion and debhelper. Thu 23 August 2012, 10:00; at Tilburg University.


Webserver moved from a Sun SPARC Ultra 5 to the (HP Proliant, Intel) server running non-gnu.uvt.nl,


/doc/-hierarchy added, with a copy of 'arch Meets hello-world', aka the GNU Arch Tutorial by Thomas Lord.


Upgraded this server from Debian GNU/Linux sarge to Debian GNU/Linux etch. Physically moved the box (it has been down for a day, due to that.)


Webserver moved from AMD Athlon box "banach" to SPARC Ultra 5.

Wed Mar 10 16:05:21 CET 2004

This host is upgraded from a SPARCStation 10 to a SPARCServer 20.

Fri, 26 Dec 2003 11:11:07 +0100

Since a few days, the Tilburg University is listed as a Debian user. Thanks to the Debian webmasters!

Tue, 2 Sep 2003 08:55:02 +0200

The webserver on banach.uvt.nl is being moved to abramowitz.uvt.nl. If you find any broken link, contact joostvb in the uvt dot nl domain.

Tue, 2 Sep 2003

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